Franklin Brand Development

The Challenge

Our objective was to develop and execute a cohesive approach to the market with clear, consistent messages about Franklin Building Supply. 

The Solution

We refined and communicated their competitive messages, created brand pillars, developed an internal and external communication strategy, and executed segmented marketing and sales strategies for the pro and retail customer segments.

Pro Campaign

Maintain visibility with Pro segment of the market. Position Franklin with a unique competitive message and a solution focused approach to supporting the builder’s business.

Retail Campaign

Increase visibility and consumer awareness of Franklin’s products and services through an integrated and multi-faceted marketing campaign.

Our Role

  • Market Research
    • Customer Conversations
    • Secret Shops
  • Competitive Messaging
  • Brand Pillars
  • Develop and Execute Pro and Retail Marketing Strategies
    • Electronic, Print, Digital, Outdoor, Broadcast, Social Media, Events
  • Sales Training
  • Website
  • Merchandising Support
  • Reputation Management

The Results

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