We have been told by home builders that in their experience marketing has an execution problem post brand. We’re committed to helping strong national brands realize verifiable regional results. Wheelhouse 20/20 is unique in that we will not produce a marketing plan or message without a sales and implementation plan.

In our manufacturers wheelhouse

  • Secret shops and customers surveys help identify the areas to invest your resources for the greatest impact
  • Developing integrated sales and marketing programs around specific product(s)
  • Providing the distribution channel solutions to the challenges they face and the challenges their customers face
  • Developing sales and marketing tools to move the product through to the homebuyer
  • Create brand awareness and market penetration
  • Concrete selling techniques and tools for retail chain
  • Identifying new customer segments or nontraditional revenue channels
  • Coordinate events centered around education, promotion, and products
  • Mobile Event Tours
  • Field Representation