Manufacturer Representation

Wheelhouse 20/20 field representatives are hired to meet your company’ specific needs and objectives. Your WH2020 team will establish, build, educate, and sustain relationships with dealers/distributors, specifiers, architects and customers within the assigned territory or region. If desired, we will also update any necessary point of purchase or marketing material, ensure all displays are correctly positioned and in good repair, report & re-order any promotional materials, and restock any brochures or marketing material. Our representatives support, complement and work with your existing team.

The Benefit

  • Highly trained and professional team focused on results
  • Increased sales growth through new customer acquisition
  • Consistent communication and market visibility
  • Lead generation and new customer identification
  • Sales growth with existing customers through new product introduction
  • Customer service and consistent touch points throughout the channel
  • Trade show representation
  • Warranty and claim resolution

What We Do for You

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Product knowledge training
  • Sales Training
  • Management and oversight of budget/expenses 
  • Results management of sales metrics and KPI’s set by the client
  • Customer training
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Sales conversion and growth
  • Monthly reporting to the client

We also offer Brand Development, Creative Services, Digital Ads, Events, Manufacturer Representation, Market Research, Mobile Tours, Social Media, Training, Virtual Showrooms, and Websites.

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