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Market Research provides an organization with the data to make accurate decisions. Wheelhouse 20/20 will identify the gaps and opportunities in your sales and operations and deliver actionable  recommendations. Wheelhouse 20/20 has secret shopped over 1000 LBM dealer locations across the United States and surveyed thousands of contractors on behalf of our manufacturer, distributor, and LBM dealer clients. We measure 17 specific sales behaviors that directly impact customer service and revenue growth, including competency, extra-mile mentality, straight to price, follow up, and add-on sales. We compare your employee results to the results of your competition.

What you get is a detailed analysis and verbatim quotes from every salesperson and contractor who was shopped or surveyed. You also get a list of action items that will identify your competitive advantage in your market and a list of training recommendations that will overcome the sales behaviors or systemic operational blocks holding back revenue growth.

  • Secret Shop Your Locations
  • 17 Criteria
  • Evaluate Inside & Outside Sales
  • Comparative Analysis of your Locations
  • Secret Shop Competitor Locations
  • Comparative Analysis of Competitor Locations
  • Customer Conversations
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Next Steps
  • Training/Marketing Plan

Secret Shops

Wheelhouse 20/20 conducts extensive secret shops of your stores and your competitors. The information gathered is then analyzed to gain insight into these key areas:

  • Company objectives and initiatives
  • Current perceptions — Internal vs external
  • How you compare to the competition — Service / price / inventory / marketing / positioning / selling skills
  • What are the gaps?
  • Where are the opportunities?

Customer Conversations (surveys)

Wheelhouse 20/20 will conduct one-on-one customer conversations with your customers (past and present) and your target customers. Although the information we are seeking is well defined and the questions consistent – the conversation is fluid, allowing us to capture and share in depth perspective and insights with your leadership team, which has proven extremely valuable when determining where to invest your resources to capture best share and the best return on your investment.

Available Offerings:

  • Secret Shops
  • Customer Conversations
  • Focus Groups
  • Electronic Surveys
  • Lead Generation

We also offer Brand Development, Creative Services, Digital Ads, Events, Manufacturer Representation, Market Research, Mobile Tours, Social Media, Training, Virtual Showrooms, and Websites.

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