Customer Focused Value Selling

  • Identify company and salesperson competitive advantage (customer survey activity)
  • Communicating competitive advantage (discussion)
  • Identify the benefits from the customers’ perspective (worksheet, discussion)
  • Avoid discounting (8 steps handout)
  • Develop negotiation techniques (handout, role playing)
  • Proposing solutions (discussion)

Customer Cross-Selling/Account Penetration/Add-On Sales

  • The art of cross selling (target list development, discussion)
  • Sales call preparation (worksheet)
  • Overcoming traditional bottlenecks (handout, discussion)
  • Training plan (calendar, identify resources, tracking)
  • Motivation, benchmarking, incentives (worksheet)
  • Tools and resources (discussion, examples)

Sales Framework/Sales Call Process

  • Pre-call research and planning (worksheet, discussion)
  • The introduction (elevator speech)
  • Creating the relationship (discussion, tools)
  • Prepare for objections (handout)
  • Providing solutions (worksheet, discussion)
  • Follow up (worksheet, discussion)

In-Store Customer Service/Phone Sales

  • Phone Basics
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Using customer service as a sales tool
  • Implementation plan

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“Thank you Scott. Your training helped us move forward with the guys. I really appreciate the training program you’ve provided. I’ve noticed a significant difference, I’m sure we will be talking more in the future!”

Albeni Falls Building Supply

“The buzz among all of us who participated in the Idaho Outside Sales Blitz is still strong today. There were plenty of skeptics going into yesterday, but none coming out. Plans are being made in at least three other parts of the company as we speak to expand this concept!”

Franklin Building Supply

“I found this course to be very beneficial. Scott’s vast knowledge in our industry lends a unique perspective to the sales process that can’t be found in any other sales training class/audio course that I have taken.”

Lezzer Lumber

“Our sales force could really relate to Scott, his real life experiences were helpful and meaningful. We are very pleased with what Wheelhouse 20/20 brings to the table.”

Lezzer Lumber

“Refreshing to have a sales training that is focused directly on our industry and to have a presenter that is very experienced in our industry.”

TW Perry

“Your ability to identify and understand the many challenges being faced by the contractors in the Northwest was masterful. I applaud how you were able to adapt your presentation to answer the questions the audience was throwing at you. By the energy in the room I could tell they were all very happy they attended the class and it was worth every minute of their time.”

Reality Homes

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