Parr Lumber Remodel Roadtrip

Company Goal / Objective:

Parr Lumber’s company initiatives included increasing sales in the remodel category specifically as it relates to specialty products. The objective was to raise overall awareness around all of the resources Parr Lumber has to offer to support consumers in their remodel projects e.g., specialty divisions, products, services and tools.

The Solution:

Game Card Promotion

Parr’s Remodel Road Trip was an 8-month campaign designed to educate consumers and raise overall awareness on the various products and services available through Parr.  

Participants are required to visit a Parr Lumber, Parr Cabinet Outlet, Parr Window & Door Showroom and a Parr Event to collect their game card stickers. They also are required to collect virtual stickers by visiting specific links from the homepage including Parr’s Home Improve-it Club, Project Buddy, Parr Pro, and NW Neighbors. Once they collected all of their stickers they are eligible to win one of two $10,000 Home Makeovers (Summer/Winter) by mailing their game cards prior to specified deadlines.

As an instant reward, consumers receive a special one-time only discount card at each of the destination points when they receive their game card sticker.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Increase consumer awareness around the remodeling resources Parr has to offer.
  • Drive consumers to the lumberyards, cabinet outlets and window and door showrooms to familiarize them with what is available.
  • Increase participation and awareness of the various online resources available through
  • Increase sales in specialty product categories
  • Generate leads for our Parr Pros by educating consumers of the Parr Pro directory. Feature Parr Pros at the Remodel Road Show event(s) and give them the opportunity to promote their company and services.
  • The completed game cards provided a database of qualified leads with interest in remodeling

Campaign Promotion Details:

  • Game Cards distributed through consumer publications, direct mail,, and all Parr locations.
  • Print ads featuring Parr’s Remodel Road Trip included full page ads in various consumer publications, newspaper spadea wraps.
  • Electronic promotion included messages on the 42” plasma screens in all Parr locations, Parr websites, banner ads on media partner sites, Parr e-newsletters.
  • Broadcast included 14 wks of :60 radio spots over 8 months and :30 tv spots with :10 remodel road trip tags.
  • In-Store Merchandisers (counter cards and free standing display with poster and game cards).
  • Remodel Road Show Events – two major events featuring Parr contractors (Parr Pros), product demonstrations, workshops, free BBQ, special event pricing, live radio remotes with local home improvement radio hosts.

The Results

  • Increased retail traffic to the various Parr Locations
  • Increased targeted website page views
  • Products: 29.99% increase
    • Locations: 41.65% increase
    • How-To/Index: 48.32% increase
    • How-To/Decks: 173.49% increase
    • Parr Pros: 63.01% increase
    • Project Buddy: 100% increase
    • Home Improve-It Club: 15.2% increase
    • How-To/Remodel: 184.10% increase
  • Home Improve-it Club membership increased 21.9%
  • Specialty Sales increased in all categories

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