Radio Spots

Humorous Radio Campaign

Wheelhouse 20/20 has created many radio campaigns for Parr Lumber over the years. In this collection of ads, humor was used to communicate what sets Parr apart from the big box stores and to communicate the depth and breadth of Parr’s product and service offering.

We’re Toast

Like Father Like Son

Parr Radio – Timeless

In celebration of Parr Lumber’s 85th anniversary, Wheelhouse 20/20 created a nostalgic and heartfelt radio message that reflected on Parr’s history and celebrated its success.

Timeless | 85th Anniversary

Parr Cabinet Radio

Parr Cabinet Outlet competed head-to-head with the big-box stores and was looking for ways to stand out. Wheelhouse 20/20 created a series of radio ads dramatizing the difference between what Parr Cabinet Outlet offers versus the big-box store experience.

Remodel Road Trip

All Markets Promotions

Sports Theme Radio

Parr Homeowner Challenge

Parr Homeowner Grand Slam

Parr Homeowner Kitchen Kickoff

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