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Peter Romeo – Social Media Specialist

Peter Romeo

We would like to welcome the latest addition to our team: Peter Romeo! Awesome name, right?!

Peter was born and raised in South Florida. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Studies from Florida International University, somehow he made his way to Oregon and although his location has changed, his loyalty to South Florida sports teams continues on. (So, if you’re a Dolphins fan, take solace, there are others out there. Don’t hesitate to reach out. He’s lonely, too.) 

Peter jumped into the social media world back in 2009 when Facebook was exploding (proverbially – not like what they did to their BGP systems). While everyone else was on Farmville, Peter took interest in another branch of Facebook, ‘Facebook Pages’. He began creating pages for fun and ended up amassing followings across his pages of over 1.25 million followers. Building communities and utilizing social media from a brand standpoint has been his passion ever since.

With so much of his passion revolving around social media and the creation of communities, Peter continues to learn and adapt every day with the digital times and never lose his grasp on the pulse of the world. We’re excited to have his unique perspective, creativity and can-do attitude on our team.

Welcome, Peter!

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